July Tour Dates


Thanks for your interest in taking a tour!

Below you will find the tour days and times for the month of July 2019.

A tour of the Crabapple orchard is currently $10/Person (Children under 10 free)

The Tour (estimated total time, 90Min)

  1. 45min guided tour of the orchard
    1. History of crabapples, 
    2. History of Appleflats
    3. Pruning, and what it means for a tree
    4. Honey Bees and their relationship to the orchard
    5. New planting for next year
  2. Crabapple product of your choiceProduct photos
  3. Charcuterie tray served at the end of the tour.
    1. All local assortment of local cracker, cheeses, fresh fruit, crabapple punch and cured meats. This will also function as a Q&A for anything that was missed on the tour. As well as recommendations for other local food companies in the area.

**The property does have mosquitoes, We recommend you wear long pants and bring bug spray**

Please be aware this is our first tour season, so we are learning what you like on tours; your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Register for your tour dates here!

** If you are bringing more then 6 people, Please email us directly for a private tour date to be arranged**



Tour of the Orchard

Tour of the crabapple orchard.


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