Pear and Peach are Here!

It’s finally here! We have been long-time a talking about it.

We have spent nearly 9 months sourcing ingredients from Ontario peach and pear farmers.

More than 50 different drink samples,

8 different alcohol brands

15 different alcohols,

All went into testing and sampling to create two new mixers. It’s the first mixer flavour we have launched in nearly 3 years.

Introducing Peach!

First Peach

The eye-opening flavour of peach is the front forward flavour. The sour crabapple is the tail end and the blending flavour. As always the low sugar makes this an excellent option to sugary peach concentrates. Try it with Vodka or Gin, those were our favourites!


The Pear!

Pear Cases Stacked

Pear! Oh, delightful pear! This one came from a sour pear, which we found to be much more interesting than other overly sweet pear juices out there. This has a pear forward flavour and a combined sour pear and crabapple juice make this one extra tart. Perfect for tequila and spiced rum!

Thanks so much for all your support, you can soon find one of these new flavours at a local Sobeys, Metro, Foodland or independent grocery.

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