Apologies and Tour Invitation

Let’s Start with an Apology

You might have noticed a number of spam emails coming from our account!

Malware infected our admin account, which is why you were received emails from us. Rest assured your privacy was not compromised.

The emails were not actually sent to you, but actually were posted to our blog.

Regardless I am sorry for the annoyance.

Let us make it up to you!

Our Orchard is now open for Tours!
Come explore North America’s crabapple orchard.

Learn what it takes to bring an apple to market, and have some local snacks along the way!

This year we have also added an optional scavenger hunt to explore the whole property and gardens.

So to make up for the annoying emails, we would love to offer you a free tour of the orchard!

Use promo code “Crabapple” at checkout to book your free tour!

Book Now!

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