Whiskey sours, appletinis, specialty coffee, Sangria and many more cocktail recipes to choose from. Reinvent old classics and your favourite drinks with these delicious, low sugar, all-natural mixers. Choose between four flavours, Sweet Maple, Sour Apple Crabapple, Harvest Peach, Juicy Pear. These mixers can be added to almost any beverage, having versatility, allowing you to discover brand new drinks with classic Canadian flavours.

4bottle prooThe New Ready to Drink Mixers

To make life simpler, we took our 500ml mixers and dropped them down a size for functionality and practicality. Our new ready to drink mixers come in 250ml bottles, allowing you to conveniently grab and go, so you have one less thing to think about. These small bottles means little to no waste and they also make for a great non-alcoholic mid day refreshment.

Available in four flavours:
Sour Apple – Sweet Maple – Juicy Pear – Harvest Peach

$3.50 per 250ml bottle


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