Welcome To The Orchard

Appleflats began with the planting of a crabapple tree in front of the Smyth family home near Wellesley, Ontario in 1993. As the tree grew and flourished, brothers Glen and Alex harvested the fruit each year before school began. They sold their first Crabapple Jelly – a family recipe – to a local restaurant in 2013. Today you can enjoy Appleflats’ signature Crabapple Jelly on toast, as a cheese topper or to dress up a charcuterie platter. Also, be sure to try our unique cocktail mixes – Sour Apple Crabapple and Sweet Maple Crabapple, which are low in sugar and all natural, adding a healthier and delicious twist to your favourite mixed drinks. 


“Welcome to the Orchard” from COO Alex Smyth and CEO Glen Smyth


Local Supports Local

Appleflats is proud to be from Wellesley Ontario and home to the Waterloo Region. As a local business, we know what being local really means and what it can do for the local community.


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