Where To Buy

Our Appleflats products are available in over 400 retailers and locations across Ontario. You can find us in your local Sobeys, and Foodland across the province. If you are in the GTA you can also try Metro and Pusitari’s as well as many independently owned grocery stores. Our Crabapple Mixers are now available in select Farm Boy Locations across Ontario. You can also use the map below to find a location nearest to you.

[wpsl template=”default” map_type=”roadmap” auto_locate=”true” start_marker=”red” store_marker=”dark-green” start_location=”3706 Nafziger rd. Wellesley ON”]

If you are a retailer looking to carry Appleflats products, contact glensmyth@appleflatsfoods.com or alexsmyth@appleflatsfoods.com for more information.

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You can also find Appleflats products at any one of the retailers or locations above.


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