Orchard Tours

Our orchard will be opening for tours May 13th!

We will be social distancing during the tour, and encourage wearing masks!


Walk through North America’s only explorable orchard. 

Learn how we are working to bring crabapples back to Canadian Landscapes

Take home a crabapple jelly or drink as a sample.


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3 thoughts on “Orchard Tours

  1. Went to this orchard on a whim and found myself way more invested in the crabapple industry then I ever could have expected. Glen is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. He is a spectacular tour guide that walked us through both the business and agricultural side of things.

    I highly recommend checking out this orchard tour and I guarantee you will learn something new, and enjoy the delicious products that they make with the crabapples! I especially liked the spicy jelly.

  2. Do you sell the crabapples themselves or just crabapple products? If so, do you sell by the bushell? Also, what specific types of crabapple trees do you grow?

    1. Hi Jen!
      We sell crabapples only in season which is early August until the end of August.

      Our crabapples are called Dolgo crabapples, and are tart in flavour. Excellent for jelly or juicing.

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